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RiskCalc Plus – A Comprehensive Default & Recovery Risk Solution for Assessing Private Firms & Commercial Real Estate

Credit Analytics Solutions

Moody's Analytics RiskCalc, Commercial Mortgage Metrics (CMM), RiskBench and CreditEdge® solutions provide an accurate and comprehensive global view on credit risk for private and public firms and income-producing commercial real estate properties. This all-encompassing platform provides the competitive advantage you need to effectively assess current and future credit risk exposures.

Optimize Your Risk Practice

RiskCalc Plus is used by underwriters, risk managers and portfolio managers across global financial institutions and corporations to:
  • Efficiently screen credit risk at origination and underwriting.
  • Monitor and provide forward looking risk measures that identify early credit deterioration.
  • Accurately price and set limits based on risk factors.
  • Provide consistent loss provisions, valuations and capital allocation.
  • Meet regulatory requirements with forward looking recovery values and stressed analytics.
  • Manage and report on portfolio risk.
  • Analyze your portfolio with an interactive dashboard view and on-demand analytics.
  • Gain insight into industry and regional credit risk trends by analyzing internal portfolios in comparison to Moody's Analytics proprietary benchmark datasets, such as our Credit Research Database (CRD)

What's New!

  • Moody's Analytics RiskBench - an online global credit risk data community and data discovery app platform that provides on-demand analytics and peer benchmarking insight across your portfolio.
  • Centralized portal for storing and managing counterparty credit risk data.
  • Enhanced access to pre-loaded private firm income statement and balance sheet data for European models in partnership with data provider Creditsafe
  • Latest Enhancements to RiskCalc — The latest releases include an upgraded European models, new banking and loss given default (LGD) scorecard overlay, incorporating important drivers such as collateral and parent support in a comprehensive assessment.
  • Add-in for Excel® provides quick access to specific credit risk results, pre-defined templates addressing targeted credit risk needs such as early warning reports and intra-company loan transfer pricing as well as the ability to customize spreadsheets increasing your overall productivity.